(unfinished) A Guide to Yes Albums by Line-ups

Yes is an English progressive rock band that has been active since 1968 with two hiatus in the 80’s and 2000’s. Progressive rock bands were known for frequent line-up changes, and Yes was no exception. Here is a guide to Yes albums, by famous line-ups.

*********** Anderson, Bruford, Howe, Kaye, Squire (1970 – 1971) ************

This is a short lived line-up of Yes, with Steve Howe replacing the original guitarist Peter Banks and the rest of the band remaining the same. This line-up spanned a duration of one year and one album.

>>>> The Yes Album

Yes_Album_Front^Must-heard^ “The Yes Album” is the third studio album and the first featuring guitarist Steve Howe. It is defining album that shaped the future musical format and style of Yes.

The addition of Howe on guitar added another dimension to the musicality of Yes. His versatility and ability to change his playing style lead to a sonic exploration – with tracks containing both jangly and smooth jazzy tone on the electric guitar (“Yours is no Disgrace”), upbeat steel string acoustic guitar (“Clap”), and exotic Portuguese guitar (“I’ve Seen All Good People”).

Chris Squire really started to shine on this album with his signature melodic and trebly bassline. He turned the bass guitar into a lead instrument, much like what John Entwistle of The Who did, instead of a sheer background instrument thay lays down the lower frequencies in the band mix.

Tony Kaye’s hammond organ playing continues to drive the tracks, taking both the roles of creating melodic lines and laying down chord blocks. Bill Bruford’s jazz influence really starts to show in this album with frequent uses triplets and the high hat, adding jazzy vamps to songs. His accuracy with drum fills and timing also tightens the tracks.

The band’s fantastic vocal harmony is further proven with tracks like the impossibly catchy “I’ve Seen All Good People”. The combination of Jon Anderson’s heavenly vocals and Squire and Howe’s deeper voices works fabulously well. This really gives the band a fuller and much more harmonious sound which later developes into an almost orchestral orientation.

Interesting tracks: ALL

*********** Anderson, Banks, Bruford, Kaye, Squire (1968 – 1970) ************

The band recorded two albums with the orignal line-up consisted of Jon Anderson on vocals, Peter Banks on guitar, Bill Bruford on drums, Chris Squire on bass, and Tony Kaye on piano and organ.

>>>> Yes

122767_f_1^Recommended^ The self titled debut album “Yes” is a very
decent debut album that gives a glimpse to the early stage of the band. The sound that later characterized Yes can be heard all over the album, including frequent uses of vocal harmony, trebly bass guitar, keyboard driven tracks, and so on.

Something worth noting is the guitar solo in “I See You”. Bill Bruford played the high hat from around 3:00 to 4:53, and the wah-wah guitar solo phrases come in at 4:53 with each phrase following two drum beats. Almost identical to that of “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin…

Interesting tracks: “Beyond and Before”, “I See You”, “Survival”

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